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Dr. Ben’s Evictor Cedar Oil Bed Bug & Insect Control Spray Solution 1 Gallon

Dr. Ben's Evictor Cedar Oil Bed Bug & Insect Control Spray Solution 1 Gallon

Ben’s Evictor Cedar Oil Ready-to-Use Pest Control Solution – 1 Gallon. Neutralizes Non-Essential Pests including bed bugs without using harsh chemicals. Ben’s Evictor was developed for control of pheromone based non-essential insects. It is an alternative solution to chemically based pest control solutions. No chemicals in this product. The proprietary formula is comprised of Texas red cedar oil and melted quartz rock. This combination creates a bio-influenced solution that quickly neutralizes insects in the antropod family on whenever these insects come into contact with the formula. Newcomers that escape contact through periodic treatments will be very effectively repelled from all areas treated. Mosquitos, Chiggers, No-See-Um’s, Flies, Ants, Ticks, Weevils, Silverfish and a host of other annoying insects are compelled to leave areas treated or risk contacting the active cedar oil molecules. Great product for most any insect control need. Around the house, at work or while away this formula is the perfect chemical free product to keep handy for those unexpected insect control treatments or problem pest situations that may arise from time to time. Anyone will find this product extremely useful and convenient for spot treating in a hurry anywhere insects are noticed and for precautionary maintenance against pest sightings. Spray on mattress and box springs in hotels/motels for assurance that the bed bugs won’t bite. EPA exempt product 25 B – FDA approved ingredients – Does not enter the blood stream. Directions for general use with household trigger type sprayer. Ready to use formula – Do Not Dilute. Spray Evictor wherever spot sightings of unwanted insects occur. For periodic pest control maintenance, spray under sinks, cabinets, appliances, cracks, along baseboards and windows. This solution also works to dehydrate and destroy insect eggs and larvae to break the reproduction cycle and prevent possible infestations. Will not stain furnishings or upholstery. Wipe down countertops when necessary to avoid product getting into food or drink. This product is not intended for internal consumption, however its safe to use on your skin. You can safely apply as often as needed to keep pests away. When applying to facial areas, we recommend spraying into hands then massaging on skin to avoid contact with eyes. Indoor treatment of structure using a pump up style atomizing mist type sprayer. Ben’s Evictor (full strength – do not dilute) on the floor, mop boards or floor molding, rugs, carpet, mattress and box spring, bed clothing, furniture and anywhere else parasites or insects might be hiding. It will not stain or attract dirt to surfaces treated. The compression type sprayer mist will make it easier than an ordinary trigger sprayer to get in the difficult places such as under furniture, beds etc. Remember, you want to treat all surface areas wherever possible. This product will neutralize pests on contact and should either contact or be inhaled by the insect to be most effective. Those insects that escape contact will quickly be repelled from all areas treated. The odor of Dr. Ben’s Evictor is not offensive to most people, however when applying cedar oil on a large scale project or conducting whole room treatments, it is recommended to allow sufficient time for airing out all treated areas for an hour or two after completion and prior to normal occupation. The atmosphere will quickly evolve into a refreshing crisp cedar aroma. Wait a few days after treatment before intense cleaning or vacuuming of the floors in all areas treated. This will give the solution an opportunity to dehydrate any existing insect eggs and larvae which will disrupt the insect life cycle and help prevent recurrence of pests. Recommended application usage is 1 gallon per 1000 square foot of horizontal treatment surface area. The residual properties of the cedar oil will repel any new hatch that may have survived the initial treatment for about a week or so. Subsequent treatment may be in order if pest recurrence is observed to insure the pest problem does not persist indefinitely. It is important that good coverage is obtained to as many surfaces within the entire structure being treated as possible. This will help insure there is minimal or no recurrence of unwanted pests. Parasites such as Fleas will often move from one area to another during treatments, (such as from basements to other levels of a structure or room to room). Walking throughout treated areas over the next few days while wearing white socks will often expose areas still harboring insects. Insects are often attracted to or will be easily exposed on white surfaces such as socks. Areas where recurrence is observed should be re-treated as soon as possible to continue the process and further disrupt the egg layer cycle and help eliminate the next generation of insects from becoming an ongoing continuation of the problem. Once the area is pest free, a minimal and periodic maintenance schedule of cedar oil application should keep all areas free of unwanted pests. Indoor treatment using a non-thermal fogger machine. Treatments using a hand held fogger machine will provide maximum levels of protection and cedar oil coverage to areas where intense treatment is desired. Fill the fogging machine reservoir with the ready to use Dr. Ben’s Evictor solution as directed, (do not dilute). It is suggested that an adjustable VMD (volumetric mean diameter) fogger be used to facilitate both dry and wet fog applications with easy operator adjustment dial. This adjustment will enable the operator to quickly adjust the size of fog droplets being mixed with air as the mist is discharged from the machine. Generally speaking, smaller droplets of cedar oil in the mist will better penetrate and still provide good coverage are when treating surfaces such as beds and cloth upholstered furnishings. For bedrooms : Prior to fogging it is suggested that the seams and tucks of mattresses and any other cloth material to be treated are rolled back and sprayed with mist. Then follow up by also treating all surfaces that are normally exposed as well. Mattresses should be removed from the bed so that both sides and complete coverage of the over and under surfaces can be achieved. Using a dry to medium wet fog discharge, spray fog directly onto mattresses, box spring and headboard areas of all bedding that you wish to treat. Repeat the same application to all cloth covered furniture insuring that a slight dampness of solution is detectable. Next treat walls, closets and any other desired areas. To complete treatment do the floors next. While working backward from the far end of the room and toward the door, aim the fogger mist head toward the floor areas and disperse a wet fog over all Carpet, wood flooring and tile areas. Be sure to direct the fog under furniture and into corners and at least twenty four inches up from the floor area onto any drapes hanging in the room. For general living areas : Disperse a fog directly into any cupboards, drawers or closets. Approximately 1 gallon of solution per 1,000 sq. Of surface area is suggested to insure elimination of pests and to reduce chances of re-infestation. For control of mites it is necessary to fog all drapes, curtains and any closeted clothing. Be sure adequate amounts of Dr. Ben’s Evictor are discharged into the air of each room you wish to treat to insure complete coverage. Treatment Finishing Touches (if desired): Remove the furnace filter from the cold air return and with the air handler circulating air, discharge fog into the return air cavity if treating HVAC systems. This will circulate the fog throughout the structure neutralizing all bacteria and dust mites within the duct work leading to all areas of the home or business. Before leaving the completed areas start the air conditioner unit or air circulator and allow it to circulate the air. This will further eliminate any dust mites throughout the HVAC system. Replacing the filter is recommended after treatment. We suggest that each room be closed and the fog allowed to settle for approximately 2 hours before re-occupation. Any overwhelming cedar aroma will certainly dissipate within 6 hours (or less when rooms are optionally aired out by opening windows). The structure can be ventilated in order to dissipate overwhelming odors more quickly if desired, however, it is suggested that any treated rooms be kept closed for at least two hours after treatment to enable complete pheromone interruption events to occur that will most efficiently neutralize any insect activity. Treatment for bed bugs. (use above indoor instructions plus these additional instructions). A tri-jet fogger machine is nearly a must and is highly recommended for treating against Bed Bugs or other known stubborn insect infestations. Using a hand held compression sprayer or fogger machine sprayers. Discharge a mist of Dr. Ben’s Evictor on the horizontal and vertical surfaces of the linen stripped mattress, box spring and headboard of all affected beds. Using the same procedure, spray the furniture in the room with the same type mist settings as used on the beds and directly toward any bed bugs, mites and fleas observed at large in the area. Roll back any seams or material tucks of the mattress or box spring and liberally treat those areas with additional spray. Remove the cushions from all furniture and treat the bottom sides and the cushions wells thoroughly. Chairs, especially those with cloth cushions, should be treated on the bottom sides as well as the top surfaces. Adjust the sprayer so that it is dispersing a fine mist of Dr. Ben’s Evictor and treat each and every square inch of horizontal floor surface area including but not limited to the carpet, tile and wood floor areas, throw rugs, etc. Spray the mop boards and base molding first and any drapes and curtains to at least 24 inches from the floor on all walls. Work backwards from the farthest point of the room making sure a liberal amount of the solution is being applied to all other areas. It is imperative that no area be left untreated. Spray the legs of all furniture and any lamp posts or other vertical supports. Treat any and all dresser or vanity areas with a light spray. Remember, Bed Bugs are nocturnal and can be difficult to find in artificial or daylight. It is extremely important to treat the box spring cavity located on the underside of the bed(s). Remove the fine mesh cob web netting to gain access to the spring area and treat there to. Treat this area liberally as it is often a main hiding place for bed bugs. Do not use cedar on or around pet reptiles, rabbits, pet mice, pet rats, ferrets, guinea pigs, or exotic birds. Keep out of reach of children – Not intended for internal consumption. Avoid contact with eyes. Causes temporary eye irritation – Flush with water for 15 minutes should eye contact occur. ACTIVE INGREDIENT: CEDAR OIL 40CFR 152.25 CAS # 68990-83-D – 10%. INERT INGREDIENT: HYDRATED SILICA (SILICIC ACID) 4 A 40 cfr 180.950 CAS # 7699-41-4 – 90%. The item “DR. 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